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Mutian Solar Energy Scientech Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Mutian Solar Energy Scientech Co., Ltd, a professional solar power inverter manufacturer and a leader in the field of solar power product in china, which has undertaken over 50,000 successful projects in more than 76 countries all over the world. Since 2006, Mutian has been producing innovative and cost-effective solar power products, which created unsurpassed levels of high-efficiency and reliability on 92 technology patents. Mutian main products include solar power inverter and solar charger controller and related PV products etc. 


Mutian is also proud and honored of being China Ministry of Commerce authorized brand to provide solar power system and aid emergency challenges for many countries, such as Nepal, Benin and Ethiopia ect. In 2014, a batch of Chinese aid medical equipments including Mutian solar power system has been delivered to Ghana to resist the Ebola virus. These products saved lives every day by supplying power for emergency medical clinics, food distribution stations and rescue efforts, allowing around the clock operations.

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